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Recomatic SA,

Lower costs by 30% with systems engineering


Groupe Recomatic is a leading manufacturer of machines for complex surface finishing. Its customer base includes companies involved in watchmaking, medical technology, aerospace engineering, luxury goods, and other high-tech industries.

90 Employees worldwide
RECO, BULA, SWIS Group companies

What did Groupe Recomatic want to achieve with the new machine concept?

  • A systemic concept for the installation of plug-and-play components
  • Flexible incorporation of fieldbus peripherals and external handling devices
  • Reduced installation efforts, saving valuable space and money during control cabinet construction
  • Advancing mechatronic engineering within the company

Groupe Recomatic on the new machine concept and working with Murrelektronik:

  • The expert advice given showed us how we could easily switch from single-core wiring to a modular, decentralized installation system.
  • Installation and activation benefited from the use of premolded and fully tested connectors, reducing the work involved as well as potential errors.
  • The flexible network architecture gives us complete planning freedom and expansion options that cater to future requirements, like the introduction of safety technology, IO-Link, and IoT.
  • Innovative technologies, like wireless data transmission, can be easily achieved.

Future innovation potential:

PROFIsafe, IO-Link, IoT for diagnostic analysis
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