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Training traditionally enjoys a high status in our company

Our byword: the trainees of today are the skilled specialists of tomorrow.

The range of training occupations at Murrelektronik is diverse. No matter if you are technology-oriented or prefer to work in sales, in human resources or in logistics, for example – everyone will find their place at Murrelektronik.

Murrelektronik Best Place To Learn Award Murrelektronik

Our training at Murrelektronik is excellent – not only our trainees say it

Company training at Murrelektronik was awarded the "Best-Place-To-Learn" seal of quality for the second time since 2015. This certifies that Murrelektronik offers young people a particularly high quality education.

Making a success of your apprenticeship: with support in optimally sized, small groups, professional and personal coaching of commercial apprentices on the job and targeted examination preparation based on Chamber of Industry and Commerce courses. 

All apprenticeships, study paths and internships can be found on our German web page.

We offer you the perfect combination of practically based and academic training as part of an integrated degree program. You learn the practical side of the business in the company and the theory at the university. Study and practical blocks alternate in a three-month rhythm.

All apprenticeships, study paths and internships can be found on our German web page.

Insights from our headquarters in Oppenweiler

My trainers recognize my talents, encourage them and give me the opportunity to live my passion.

Daniel, apprentice to electronics technician for devices and systems

I particularly like the mutual support between the trainees. Everyone helps everyone, we are a real team!

Elin, Apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician

Facts worth knowing about training and integrated degree programs

The right qualified job

Your child/school-goers should seize every opportunity to find out about different jobs. By asking around in their personal environment, like parents, neighbors and friends, your child/school-goer can get a good idea of the duties involved in different jobs. They should also take the opportunity in advance to get to know companies better that provide training. Support your child/school-goer in attending open days, educational fairs or info days at universities. Work placements are also a great way of getting to know a company better.

Murrelektronik offers your child/school-goer optimum professional and personal support. From the first, your child/school-goer is part of a team of apprentices, which makes it easier for them to become part of the company. Murrelektronik is a medium-sized family-run company with a very good working climate. Instructors and colleagues are happy to help your child/school-goer with any questions or problems they may have.

On completing their apprenticeship, Murrelektronik takes on all its apprentices – we train with this aim in mind. 

The application process

The best time is roughly a year before the start of the apprenticeship – so the summer before the year ahead.

  • An informative cover letter stating which apprenticeship you are applying for and a brief explanation of why you have chosen this job and why you have opted for Murrelektronik 
  • A CV in table form, with personal details, your education to date, any other apprenticeships, work placements etc., hobbies, voluntary activities
  • Optional photo
  • Your last two school reports
  • If available, work placement certificates

On receipt of the application we send your child/school-goer confirmation of receipt.

If we are impressed by the application, your child/school-goer is invited by us to take an online test. Your child/school-goer has 14 days to complete it. The test mainly covers general knowledge, maths, German and English. This is not a personality test, but purely a test of knowledge.

Once your child/school-goer has successfully completed the aptitude test, we invite them to an interview.  This is mainly to get to know your child/school-goer better and gain an appreciation of their skills and qualifications. We also want to find out why your child/school-goer has chosen this career and whether they suit us on a personal level. 

After the interview we will get in touch and inform you of our decision. 

We hold a Parents' Day to let parents get to know Murrelektronik.  A company presentation and guided tour of the company give parents an insight into our company.

We invite your child/school-goer to come on an apprentice trip with us before the apprenticeship starts to let them get to know their fellow apprentices and the instructors.

Murrelektronik offers future students the possibility of engaging in an integrated degree program in mathematics at the cooperative university.


Chamber of Industry and Commerce apprenticeships begin on 1 September every year. Degree programs at the cooperative university begin on 1 October.

During the apprenticeship, your child/school-goer has a permanent point of contact and from the first is involved in the company's operational processes. Aside from technical content, we also teach your child/school-goer personal, social and presentation skills. 

Murrelektronik takes on all its apprentices. We train with the aim of giving our apprentices a job.

On successfully completing vocational training, Murrelektronik not only offers varied duties, but also a wide range of further development and qualification possibilities. We offer a wide range of specialist and general training courses throughout the year. In doing so, we promote and challenge our employees through continuous further training that is tailored to the personal needs of the individual employees.

No matter whether technician, foreman, business administrator, management expert, Bachelor or Master student – at Murrelektronik various avenues are open to you. We forge bridges between training and practice and help your child/school-goer with their career development.