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IP67 Rated Fieldbus Modules

Fiber Optic Data Transfer

IP67 rated fieldbus modules are an important component of machine and system installations. They replace complex parallel wiring, saving space in the cabinet. Due to its mechanical properties, MVK Metal is designed for applications in harsh industrial environments. With MVK Metal POF, data is transferred via fiber optics.

Significant Product Features

  • Push-pull connection technology
  • EMC interference doesn't influence data transfer
  • Optical measurement of cable length
  • Automatic diagnostics of POF quality
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Don’t look for errors, find them
  • Resistant metal housing and rugged design
  • Shock and vibration resistant
Single Channel Switch Off
Fast Start-Up
Isochronous Real Time
Targeted Reaction to Short Circuits

If an input or output short circuits, only the affected channel is shut off. Adjacent inputs and outputs remain functional. The shut down channel is indicated by a red LED and a message is sent to the control.

Murrelektronik fast start up pictogram
Faster Tool Changes

The PROFINET fast start up (FSU) technique allows short start up times. The modules are ready for operation in less than 500 ms. This is an important feature for robot applications where tools are frequently changed.

For Real Time Sensors

PROFINET Isochronous Realtime (IRT) is used to transfer data packages with update times of 250 µs and a jitter accuracy of less than 1 µs. This is an ideal solution for applications with real time sensors and is suitable for the integration of motion drives.

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