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Casa do Zezinho

Give a gift of happiness!

The most beautiful – and most important – thing in our world is the happiness of children. Because children are our future and a reflection our responsibility. Please help us to help children in the favelas of São Paulo. The district in the south of the city is called "Parque Santo Antônio" – but nothing here reminds us of a park as we know it. Huts line up next to huts, often more than ten people share a corrugated iron hut. Almost nobody has a job here. Three people are murdered every day in this slum alone. This is no place for a carefree childhood.

Luckily there is the Casa do Zezinho. The "House of Little Joseph" is a refuge for the children of the city. Here they get a warm meal every day, here they learn how to read, write and do mathematics. They go on excursions, do sports – and sometimes the children just come to enjoy a few carefree hours. Casa do Zezinho breaks the vicious circle of poverty, crime and drugs. An island of refuge for currently 1500 young people. But 2000 are on the waiting list. We cannot keep these children waiting. That's why we help.

Murrelektronik has supported the Casa do Zezinho for many years. Our claim "stay connected – stay in touch" takes on a new dimension and also means a special obligation for us. Therefore, we do not only help with donations – our local colleagues as well as members of the Murrelektronik family are personally involved. Franz Hafner established contact with the Casa do Zezinho in 1995 and, like his daughter Caroline Hafner-Pinnel, is in regular contact with the people around the Casa do Zezhino. They know the situation on site only too well and know that every hand and every smile is needed there.

The children and the house are close to our hearts. They can also rely on our commitment in the future. And if you help, we can achieve even more. Your help arrives directly – without deductions and above all where it really makes a difference.

Caroline Hafner-Pinnel and Franz Hafner

Blog – news from Casa do Zezinho

  • July 21, 2021

    News from Casa do Zenzinho

    Tia Dag sends us and all supporters many greetings. We gladly pass this on and are happy about the good news: Love is stronger than all viruses! At Casa do Zenzinho, there are fewer children learning and playing than usual at the moment. Instead, we deliver food baskets and vouchers to the communities in our neighborhood. We pay very close attention to hygiene and distance - and that no one is left behind alone. Thank you to all of our friends and supporters - we need you as much as the children at Casa do Zezinho need us. Together we will reach our goal - a world full of happiness and education. Because teaching is love, Tia Dag

  • Maria is a teacher of cleanliness for the children of Casa do Zezinho
    January 29, 2021

    The teacher in matters of cleanliness

    Maria de Fátima Ferreira dos Santos – she is not a cleaning lady, Maria is rather a teacher of cleanliness. With her, the children learn things that were previously not taken for granted – from washing their hands to sweeping the floor. And when everything is clean, Maria always has time for a dance with anyone who dares to come near her.

  • Sergio Torres dos Santos is the cook for Casa do Zezinho
    January 8, 2021

    Here the cook does everything himself!

    He, cooks for "his" children every day ‒ with a now legendary talent for improvisation, incredible skill and all the ingredients and spices he can get his hands on. When there is canjica on holidays, a dessert made of corn, milk and sugar, it sometimes even becomes almost silent in the dining room.

  • December 16, 2020

    Christmas at Casa do Zezinho

    Every year, Casa do Zezinho traditionally hosts the Christmas dinner for the children and their parents, but this year everything is different. Due to the pandemic, the feast cannot take place and the disappointment among the children is great. But skipping Christmas dinner is not an option for the Casa! Through a Christmas campaign, 1,300 Christmas baskets will be brought directly to the families. You can find out more about this campaign by clicking here.

  • Dagmar Garroux (Tia Dag) is founder of Casa do Zezinho
    Dezember 4, 2020

    Casa do Zezinho: A project that Murrelektronik has accompanied for over 25 years

    Dagmar Garroux (Tia Dag) is founder (1994) and educator of the first hour. She brought the warmth into the house that can still be felt everywhere today: through a loving welcome, an embrace, a comforting word, sometimes respectful silence and last but not least with her infectious cheerfulness.

  • November 20, 2020

    Today is International Childs Rights Day!

    All children in this world have the right to security, equality, education, protection and love regardless of their origin, skin color and religion. We think that is good! That is why #murrelektronik has been supporting the #casadozezinho "House of little Joseph" in Brazil for more than 20 years - a children's project that is close to our hearts!

Hand in hand with Murrelektronik


Dagmar Garroux founds the Casa do Zezinho and brings seven children from the slums. The beginnings are small. But they give these young people the greatest thing: hope and a future.


Foundation of a Murrelektronik subsidiary in Brazil. Franz Hafner is shocked by the social conditions in the country. He wants to help and by chance he hears of the Casa do Zezinho – the beginning of a partnership that is vital for survival.


The small house of the first hour becomes a 3,200 m² building. An expression of the enormous demand on site, but also a sign of growing hope.


Up to 1500 young people come to the house every day. They eat together, they play and learn – and for a few carefree hours they can just be children.


The Casa do Zezinho celebrates its tenth anniversary. In the meantime it has become a pilot project for aid organizations around the globe.


Murrelektronik also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the subsidiary in Brazil – together with many visitors and children.


Franz Hafner and his daughter Caroline Hafner-Pinnel during one of the many personal visits to Casa do Zezinho. They know the situation on site only too well and know that every hand and smile is needed there.


Se Cuida, Zezinho! This is the name of the new project of the house. "We care" focuses on health care for children and parents.


Casa do Zezinho and Dagmar Garroux receive the "100 Best NGOs" award in Brazil from Época Magazine and the DOAR Institute.


For 25 years now, children have been learning and laughing in the house of little Joseph. For them and for us a reason to celebrate.


Murrelektronik in Brazil is also turning 25. We are happy about this success together with the children and trainers. And we will continue to be committed to the house in the future, where and how we can. Preferably together with you.


The Casa do Zezinho turns 27! However, this year everything is different! Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, a normal everyday life at the Casa do Zezinho is impossible to think of. For many weeks, the "House of Little Joseph" had to remain closed. Since February, a small part of the children is back – but the pandemic continues to dominate daily life!


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