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November 27, 2018

LogiCap®: Logic Distributors Reduce Costly PLC Inputs

The LogiCap® from Murrelektronik turns basic distributor modules into powerful decision-makers and helps reduce costs by saving the need for costly PLC inputs.

The LogiCap® from Murrelektronik

Signals from several sensors often need to be interconnected in machines and systems to provide reliable information about the status of a given machine. Here you can either opt for a bus system that entails a correspondingly high level of investment and requires specific know-how, or you can route these sensor signals into the control cabinet. However, this entails three serious disadvantages. Firstly: You need to reserve a sufficient number of PLC inputs or IP20 input modules. Secondly: Signal processing takes place in the control unit, which involves a lot of programming as well as longer signal run-times. Thirdly: The amount of wiring required is immense.

That’s why it makes sense to perform the logical comparison of sensor signals directly next to the process. We make this process extremely easy with LogiCap® from Murrelektronik: The logic cap is plugged onto standard passive distributor basic modules from Murrelektronik with four, six or eight ports, linking up to 16 input signals. Depending on the programming, monitoring takes place in the logic cap and therefore on location to ensure that the logical condition setting is achieved and that an output can be switched. This information can be transmitted directly to the control unit. Alternatively, the logic distributor can also be routed to any desired input in the fieldbus system, even with an unshielded M12 cable.

In total, nine pre-defined logic links (AND, OR as well as XOR) can be set in the LogiCap® by turning a potentiometer. This enables flexibility. In this process - depending on the application - every single input can be disabled by DIP switch without the cumbersome bridge connectors need for conventional logic distributors. The LogiCap® is equipped with diagnostic LEDs that signal whenever the operating voltage rises above or drops below defined limits, or a certain logic condition is reached as well as if there is a short circuit on an output.

The LogiCap® provides the machine and system builder with a variety of settings and the possibility to connect a wide range of basic distributor modules, achieving maximum flexibility at an optimum price-performance ratio.


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