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HANNOVER MESSE 2021 Digital Edition

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These were our highlights

  • IO-Link

    Infrastructure for data transmission of the future

    Faster, more flexible and more economical: Production processes are becoming faster, more flexible and more economical. In modern machines and systems, a lot of data is collected for this purpose. The integration of smart devices that work with the IO-Link communication standard makes handling this large amount of data particularly easy and creates transparency from the sensor-actuator level to the cloud. Murrelektronik is the expert when it comes to integrating IO-Link devices particularly effectively and cleverly into the machine installation.

  • Network technology

    Industrial communication networks are the backbone of digitization

    Machine and system communications are rapidly increasing. Networks act as a lifeline for data streams. To guarantee successful digitization you have to have powerful and reliable network technology. You need to ask if the communication network is strong enough to handle the increase in flexible applications and find out what the prerequisites are to reliably network a combination of classic and/or digital devices. Finally, you need to know if the application is ready for future advances in data communication.

  • Connectors

    It all depends on the right connection

    Murrelektronik always connects with the right cable - data, power or signals. More than 75.000 products can be found in our range of connecting cables. And every connecting cable has a selection of product features.

  • Systems engineering

    Saving with a system

    The future of installation technology belongs to those who consider the whole system. That is why we have focused our portfolio on digital system solutions in recent years. These optimize existing and future value chains at many points. Through quality, through innovative functions, but above all through open interfaces and open standards.

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